Grow For Me: Haylie’s Hot Tips For Happy Succulents

Some of our monthly subscribers received our first Stagedoor Box exclusive item: a succulent planted in a Little Shop of Horrors planter! If you didn’t get it, don’t worry, if you are willing to wait for it, you will get yours soon enough! Since we don’t expect all of our subscribers to have a green thumb, our friend Haylie took the time to give you all some hot tips to make sure your succulents will grow!

SUN – I’ve given you sunshine…

Your little succulent friend is a leading lady. Succulents just like divas love to be in the spotlight. Make sure that baby is getting around six hours of bright sunlight every day! Their favorite place will be near the brightest window of your home.

These divas need their stage and love the sun so much that if they feel they aren’t getting enough, you might see them leaning, or reaching toward it. To prevent succulents from getting too stretched out, make sure you rotate your plant occasionally. She looks good from every angle and each side of her needs light and attention.

WATER - I've given you plant food and water to sip…

A common misconception with succulents is that they don’t like, or need, a lot of water. Your new green friend loves water, but like I said, she’s a diva. This means she is pretty particular about how and when she gets watered.

You want to avoid getting any water on the actual succulent plant itself and focus on the roots. One way to do this is by soaking, or bottom watering. Get a bowl larger than the planter and fill with water. Place the planter into the bowl and allow your succulent to drink up through its drainage holes. Once the top of the soil is moist, take that baby out. She’s ready!

Keep in mind, this should only be done after your green friend’s soil has totally dried out from its last watering. Also, you should be aware in the winter months, they aren’t actively growing, so this little watering dance routine will happen less frequently. Even divas need a break now and then.

REPOTTING - I've given you dirt…

It’s likely that your succulent star won’t need to be repotted for quite a while. Repotting is usually required every two years or so. Even if your green baby isn’t ready for a bigger planter yet, changing out the soil is super beneficial (see below). The best time to do this is in the spring when it’s time for new growth. This is also a good time to feed your little friend a bit of water-soluble fertilizer.

SOIL - I've tried you at levels of moisture from desert to mud…

Your new little diva can’t use the same soil as your other plant babies. Succulents never want to be soggy, so the best way to make her comfy is to make sure she’s sitting in the right type of soil. It has to be well draining and porous to allow water to pass through her roots. You’re going to want to look for soil that contains sand, perlite, or pumice. Ahh, perfect succulent soil harmony. 

ENJOY - Now please-oh please-grow for me!

Your green beauty is fairly low maintenance, so enjoy and watch her grow. Don’t panic when the lower leaves shrivel or fall off, it’s natural and healthy. She’s shedding the old bad vibes and getting ready for happy new growth. Take her lead. Let your new baby purify your home and brighten your mood.

If you follow these hot tips, you will have some very happy succulents. And remember – no matter how much it says, “Feed Me” – don’t give your succulent blood!  

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