Julie's 10 Favorite Romantic Duets

Hello! This is your favorite blogger Julie Lorson, co-founder of Stagedoor Boxes. Valentine's Day is a week away and you can already feel the love in the air. I have decided to put together a list of MY favorite romantic duets. These romantic duets range from golden age musicals, obscure musicals and some contemporary musicals. But they all have that one thing in common - I one day wish to be singing these songs on a stage. Also, they are in no particular order. 

I'll Cover You - Rent 

As many of you already know, Rent is my absolutely favorite musical of all time. I saw it nine times on Broadway. I can recite the entire show for you right here, right now. And although I can't sing this on stage, it's still a great love song and I can sing it happily in the car. 

I chose this as the most romantic duet because it genuinely is. Take Me or Leave Me is a break up song, Without You is also a break up song. Your Eyes is not a duet. Collin and Angels love is what drives most of the emotion in the show and watching their love blossom in the song makes the Reprise all the more sadder. 

I've Never Been In Love Before - Guys & Dolls 

Guys & Dolls is a classic golden age musical. And while, I am definitely more of an Adelaide, when I like to sing my high Soprano notes, I like to be Sarah and this is one of the songs I love to sing. 

This is always the first song I think of when someone asks me for my favorite love song from Broadway. This song was removed from the movie and used a background music, which is stupid. I adore the harmonies in this song and I think it's a often forgotten duet that should be done more. 

Elaborate Lives - Aida

Note: The audio quality isn't great but it's the OBC so deal with it. 

Aida is also one of my favorite shows but I forget all the time that it's one of my favorite shows - especially when people ask me. Aida is my dream role that I will never be able to play. Maybe sing a song or two in a miscast cabaret but that's about it. 

The lyrics of this song are what really get me the most. 

I'm so tired of all were going through
I don't want to love like that
I just want to be with you
Now and forever, peaceful, true

It's also Adam Pascal so that might be a factor as to why I love this song just so much. 

As Long As You're Mine - Wicked 

Note: I know it's not the whole song but also OBC! 

Norbert Leo Butz. That's really the only thing I need to say. This is one of my favorite romantic duets because also because of the lyrics. 

Say there's no future

For us as a pair

And though I may know

I don't care

And knowing how tragically this ends for both of them gives the song so much emotion. The harmonies are also some of my favorite aspects of this song. 

Dammit Janet - Rocky Horror Picture Show (Movie Version) 



This is one of my favorite duets to sing at Karaoke. Is this an amazing song with intricate harmonies that bears the singers' soul and reveals their true emotion of love? Not really. It is catchy as hell. It's over the top. It's camp. And it's one of my favorites.

There Once Was A Man - Pajama Game (Movie Version)


Note: I know that the video isn't great quality but it's the best version I could find on YouTube.  Also the Broadway version was AWFUL! 

This is another classic Golden Age duet that is not sung enough in cabarets. If you didn't understand the talent that is Doris Day, you will after this song. She is so great as Babe. 

Also, I believe this is the first song on the list or at least the first that I've noticed, that both people get equal singing time. They have the same verse, same chorus, same bridge. The song is about how much they love each other and neither one of them try to out do each other.

Do You Love Me - Fiddler On The Roof 


It might be because I am Jewish, but Fiddler on The Roof will always have a special place in my heart. This story is pretty much the story of great grandparents. This is an odd choice, because it's not a traditional love song like the others. However, through this interaction between Golde & Tevye, we learn what it means to be in love and how sometimes our actions show that we love each other even if it's never explicitly said. 

Romeo & Juliet - Reefer Madness (Movie Version) 


BEST. MOVIE. MUSICAL. EVER. This is one of my favorite duet love songs because it is just ridiculous. The 1920s was a weird time for teenagers in love. My favorite part of this song is the last verse. 

We are just like Romeo and Juliet
We're happy, young and bubbling with love!
I can't wait to read the ending!
I can't either! But I'm sure it turns out real swell
I bet Romeo marries his Juliet
They have a baby
And make lots of friends!
That's prob'ly the way the play ends!

It literally cracks me up each and every time. They are so happy in love and just like Romeo & Juliet, neither of them know the tragedy that is about to happen to them. 

Seventeen - Heathers The Musical

I had the privilege of being in Heathers. It is probably one of my favorite "high school musicals." I was actually not a fan of the movie and this musical made me appreciate the movie more. 

While I had some debate on whether or not this was a love song, I think that it is. Veronica chooses J.D. and wants to have a normal life with him because she loves him. Unfortunately, JD has mental illness and despite Veronica's love, can't shake his demons. I find the song poignant and speaks to the teenager experience. Most high schoolers I come in contact with are doing 2-3 hours of homework a night, practicing for college auditions and are stressed.

Can't they just play poker or eat some chilli fries? 

Somewhere - West Side Story (Movie Version) 

It's just a short clip and I already started crying. In the Broadway show, there's a soloist but I find that this version of the song is way more emotional. Tony tries as hard as he can to stop the rumble. But Bernardo was stubborn. And then after watching Riff die. Well, two wrongs don't make a right. But Maria understands because she loves him. 

They know that somewhere there's a place where a Polish person can marry a Puerto Rican. A place where they can be together and no one will judge them. Makes me sad thinking about it. 

In Conclusion 

I clearly have some sort of affinity to love songs that end in tragedy. In 6 out of the 10 songs, one of the participants in the love song dies. I don't know what this says about me exactly. I think love is a wonderful thing and I think it's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. 

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