Julie's Favorite LGBTQ+ Songs From Broadway Musicals!

Hello loyal readers! 

Can you believe we are already in the month of June? As NYC kicks off Pride Week, I figured now would be the best time to share with you all the amazing things that Stagedoor Boxes has done in honor of PRIDE. 

As usual, our friend Hailey put together a kick ass playlist with some of your favorite LGBTQ+ artists and musical theater songs. You can check out the playlist here

We released not one, not two, but THREE new products to help raise money for the Broadway Cares Equity Fights Aids. We have our pride box, pride bundle, and pride sticker pack on sale. A portion of each sale goes to BCEFA. 

We collaborated with It’s Personal to put together a PRIDE show featuring all LGBTQ+ performers sharing their stories. We had free tickets to a virtual drag show from Broadway Plus! Both of which were AMAZING!

For those that live in the NYC/Long Island area, Stagedoor Boxes will also be vendors at an amazing event on June 30th raising money for The Trevor Project! We hope you can stop by, say hello, and enjoy the end of PRIDE month with us! 

And now it’s time for the stuff you are really interested in, my favorite LGBTQ+ songs in musical theater. This was quite a difficult list to put together for several reasons. Do I pick songs from LGBTQ+ characters? What about LGBTQ+ actors who are playing a straight character? Is it wrong to like a song sung by a straight person who is playing an LGBTQ+ character? At the end of the day I said, “SCREW IT!!” I like what I like and at the end of the day any visibility for LGBTQ performers or stories, is good, right? RIGHT? Again, these are in no particular order, just off the top of my head.

I’ll Cover You Reprise - RENT 

I mean, if you have been paying attention at all to what I’ve been writing each month, you know that RENT is my all time favorite musical. This was obviously going to be without a doubt on this list.

RENT was my first real exposure into the LGBTQ+ community. Prior to this show, I didn’t really know what homosexuality was, what Drag queens were, or what AIDS was. Since I was 8 years old, I have been an ally probably because of THIS show. 

This is also one of the best songs in the show and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. 

You Oughta Know - Jagged Little Pill

So, I might be biased because I sing this song at karaoke but I absolutely love how it’s used in this show. I know that there’s some controversy surrounding this show right now about the character of Jo which was originally written as nonbinary but then when it moved to the United States the character turned into a TomBoy. However, this song just slaps. 

Of course, the version of the song I want is not available on video. When I saw Laura Patten sing this at the NBC celebrates Broadway special my jaw hit the floor. The use of this song as an anthem for Jo gives the lyrics so much more meaning than just a jilted ex lover. It’s almost a song about betrayal. I think you can hear the emotion in the cast recording, but seeing it live was truly incredible.

I also was supposed to see this March 23rd a week after the world shut down, so again, might be biased.

Fantasies Come True  - Avenue Q 

I get that this is an odd choice. But hear me out. The character Rod is closeted throughout most of this show. In this song, we finally get a glimpse of the character coming to terms with his sexuality and revealing that his fantasy is to be with Nicky. Spoiler alert: At the end of the song when you find out it’s all a dream, it’s really sad. You want Rod to be himself. 

Obviously, Kate singing about Princeton is nice too. The harmonies in this song are also some of my favorites throughout the whole show. But I feel like this song has great character development (even though it’s a puppet). 

I opted for the OBC recording because all the live performances have too many laughs so you miss out on the lyrics.

What About Love - The Color Purple 

While I believe the Broadway show glosses over the fact that these two have sexual feelings for each other and that Celie is at the very least bisexual, do not sit here and tell me listening to this song doesn’t move you to the core. You have two super power singers Cynthia Erivo & Jennifer Hudson who both sing beautifully on this song. While both are divas, they don’t try to outdo each other. In fact, their voices compliment each other which is why I think this is one of the best LGBTQ duets ever. 


This blog almost took a completely different direction while researching. It was almost a list of people LGBTQ men who have nailed playing the lead role of Bobby in Company. So, here’s a mini version of that blog - which I can expand upon in the future - if need be. Also, I’m doing an unofficial poll - I am posting the SAME SONG for each of them - let me know who you like the best! 

John Barrowman - Being Alive  

Neil Patrick Harris - Being Alive

Raul Esparza - Being Alive 

UGH I just want all of them to sing to me!!! Here’s my opinion:

  • John Barrowman is the absolute sexiest out of all of them - just. UGH. 
  • Neil Patrick Harris is the best actor out of all of them.
  • Raul Esparza has the best voice. 

But honestly, I could probably write a whole blog about the show of Company and my interpretation of it. I will leave you with this: the character of Bobby struggles to find the meaning in relationships. Could it be because he’s gay? Although the character is written with having three girlfriends, that doesn’t mean that part of the reason he’s struggling to find someone to marry him a little, is because maybe deep down, he isn’t actually sexually attracted to them. I could also make the case that Bobby is demisexual meaning that he's not really attracted to them sexually but knows that society wants him to have a girlfriend/wife but feels no emotional connection to these women. I could make the case that Bobby is a little freaked out with Peter comes out as a gay because he seems himself in him. So much to unpack there.

Anyway, that concludes this month’s blog. What are some of your favorite LGBTQ+ actors and characters? 

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