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Hello! My name is Melissa and I'm a professional musical theatre actor based in Chicago. A little over four years ago, I got tired of writing the word “rehearsal” over and over again in my planner. I tried and failed to find rehearsal stickers, so I started making my own. And thus the shop was born! I took my visual eye from directing theatre, and turned it into designing (and teaching myself how to draw in the process) stickers that brought my love of the stage to my planner.

 My shop character is based on my real life cat, Mabel. Mabel, as I remind her daily, is the best, cutest, and fuzziest cat in the whole wide world. She does not, however, enjoy being dressed up. But that doesn’t stop me from drawing her wearing my favorite Broadway costumes!

 My shop is perfect for the planner who loves theatre, or just cute stickers of adorable cats! In the shop I have theatrical functional script stickers, doodles, cat stickers, die cuts, weekly kits, as well as buttons, enamel pins, washi tape, and digital art. I also really enjoy drawing custom orders - Mabel as your favorite character, or drawing a whole set of doodles from your favorite show.