DIY String Art Kit Instructions

We're so happy you're ready to create your string art masterpiece. Follow the instructions below and remember that our most important advice is to have fun!
  1. Place your wooden piece on a sturdy surface. That could be a sturdy table or desk, but the floor works just as well if you need. Pro tip: If you need to minimize the sound of the hammering, take your project to a fluffy carpet!
  2. Grab a hammer & remove your nails from the bag, keeping them close by your project.
  3. Hammer in each nail about halfway. Do NOT hammer your nails in all the way or you will not have any place to attach your string. Pro Tip: If you need help hammering in your nails straight, use a tweezer to get better control. Preferably a set of tweezers you're not attached to as they may need to be sharpened again afterwards. 
  4. Once all nails are hammered halfway into your wood piece, Attach your string to a nail of your choice, making sure to double knot it. (Triple knots are recommended but optional).
  5. Wrap your string around the nails to ‘fill’ in your design. Continue until you run out of string or until you’re satisfied with the look. Pro tip: For a more dimensional effect, grab a different color string to add below or on top! 
  6. Once you’re done with your string, double knot the end to the nail of your choice (we like to end of piece on the nail where we started but that is totally optional) being sure to tuck it any string that may be sticking out. Pro tip: Having trouble tucking in the string? Use a tweezer to tuck it in more effectively! 


We can't wait to see how your string art creations are going to come out! Remember to snap a pic once your done and tag us @stagedoorboxes and tag the creator @earthsecco.