Purchase by the 20th of the month for your box to ship in the next months cycle!

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What is Stagedoor Boxes?

Stagedoor Boxes offers a monthly subscription box that brings the excitement of musical theatre to you! The Stagedoor Boxes Cast wants you to let your freak flag fly. We love and support all things theatre and strive to help you put on a happy face. We hope these boxes will cause you to scream “omigod, you guys!” when it arrives at your Stagedoor.

What do I get in the box?

Everyone wants to know what’s inside. Let us tell you. Musical theatre everything. Our boxes include 4 to 5 unique Broadway-themed items that are a mystery every month. Stickers, and candles, and tshirts (oh, my!).  Anything and everything to keep your musical theatre obsessed heart satisfied.

Is Stagedoor Boxes for me?

Do you love theater? Have you found yourself performing entire musicals, and playing every character in your shower? Do you believe there’s no business like show business? Do you miss listening to overtures in person because you typically skip over them on the cast album? Do you crave Jonathan Groff spitting in your face? Would you accept standing room at this point to just see a show? Do you just love Broadway? Then yes, this box is for you.

How much does it cost?

Let’s talk money, money, money. Each box is $49.95, charged on the twenty-first of the month. We offer a monthly payment option, or prepaid payment options for 3 months or 6 months for a discounted rate of  $135 and $240.

Do you offer prepaid options?

Yes! We offer prepaid payment options for 3 months or 6 months for a discounted rate of $135 and $240By prepaying for your boxes at once, you acknowledge that you cannot cancel this order and agree to receive all boxes purchased.

Can I gift a one-time purchase box to a friend?

Absolutely! Just enter the recipient's name and correct shipping information. So, what the heck! You’re welcome!

 How do you deliver?

USPS! Winter, spring, summer, or fall.

 When does the box ship every month? When will the box renew?

The Stagedoor Boxes Cast work longer than nine to five to make sure your boxes are packaged and shipped out in the first two weeks of the month! That way you won’t have to wait for it. Box renews on the 21st of the month. To cancel please email us before the 20th of the month.

 Can I cancel my subscription?

It’s hard to say goodbye, my love, but yes! For month to month boxes, you can cancel at any time before the 20th of each month (we charge on the 21st), for no additional fee. For prepaid boxes, you acknowledge that you cannot cancel this order and agree to receive all boxes purchased.

 Do you ship internationally?

For international orders please send an email to info@stagedoorboxes.com or DM us on Instagram. Shipping internationally typically ships within two to three weeks. We can go the distance, for a flat fee.

How can I see past boxes?

If you would like to journey to the past, you can view our past boxes here


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