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Rita is one of the co-founders of Stagedoor Boxes! She is musical theatre obsessed (and we mean OBSESSED). Born and raised in New York, nothing came more naturally to her than her passion for theatre. She is always quoting a musical or belting out showtunes (literally screlting if it’s Bright Star, her favorite). Rita’s secret talent is knowing even the most obscure musical theatre references. In her free time, you can find Rita on stage, seeing live theatre (RIP Broadway, miss you boo), or crying over how cute her puppy daughter, Rona, is (give ya girl a follow, @missronacorona). Rita is a spooky girl whose dream roles include Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors or Carrie from Carrie. Even though she obviously loves some dark stuff, Broadway being dark has left a hole in her life (so cheesy, so true). In a time when we need the escape of theatre most, Rita feels Stagedoor Boxes is a great way to fill that void, while also helping grow small businesses that support the arts! (she/her)


Julie, one of the co-founders of Stagedoor Boxes, has been in love with the art and magic of musical theatre for as long as she can remember. She started learning all the choreo to movie musicals at the age of 2 (especially all those “cool boy” moves in West Side Story), and has been involved in theatre ever since! From school shows to regional and community theatre, she can’t get enough (and honestly, we love her for it). This Broadway baby’s first ever Broadway experience was Peter Pan with Cathy Rigby when she was just 3 years old, and never looked back. (Fun fact: she’s seen Rent on Broadway 9 times. NINE TIMES.) When Julie brought her husband to his first Broadway show, Waitress, she felt so much comfort and joy (Batboy, anyone?) in being able to share with him something that she loves so much. On the rare occasion that she's not doing something with theatre, she’s working as a Digital Marketing Manager for Zola Creative or playing Magic the Gathering card game. (she/her)

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Ecco is the Stagedoor Boxes Director of Marketing and In-House Artist! She super crafty and loves to paint and create gifts for her friends. Being an awesome gift giver, Ecco is a perfect edition to the Stagedoor Boxes cast. While she may not be a Broadway expert like the rest of us (*hair flip*), she belts out full cast albums in her car on the daily. Her favorite musical is Hamilton (so basic, we know) but she’d like to give BeetleJuice, Mean Girls, and Heathers the Musical honorable mentions. Her dream role is Karen from Mean Girls so she could walk like a Barbie doll. Ecco’s passion for Stagedoor Boxes comes from her hopes to promote local artists, share unique experiences, and light the spark of musical theatre in those around her. (she/her)

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